Just like trenchless sewer line replacement, you can also use the trenchless repair method to replace your damaged water line. The main benefit of the trenchless method of water line replacement is that it uses advanced technology and equipment to reduce the need for excavation, thereby causing very minimal damage in your home during the pipe replacement process. 

Most homeowners never pay attention to their water supply line as long as their water is running. But most times, before your water system goes bad, the signs are pretty apparent. Addressing the issue before it deteriorates into a major disruption in your water system can save you some headaches and the accompanying expenditure.


How Does Trenchless Water Line Replacement Work?

Trenchless water line replacement is a non-invasive method of repairing or replacing damaged water pipelines. It is a process that allows plumbing contractors to access, install, repair, or replace faulty water lines without any form of digging or with very minimal excavation and property damage.


At the start of the process, two holes are created, one is created at a spot where the water line starts, and the other, where the water line ends. Another is created underground, where the pipe will pass through for the pipe. The water line is then connected from the access point to the plumbing of the property. This process is typically completed without having to dig up your yard.


Read on to learn more about the trenchless water line replacement method.


Detecting Water Supply Issues

Nobody wants to experience flooding in their home or obstruction of any kind to the flow of water supply to their home. This is why we recommend routine checks and maintenance of your home’s water system. Such checks allow you to quickly identify and fix small issues that may become big problems tomorrow. You can even do some of these things yourself. For example, you can watch out for consistent water movement, water protrusion from the ground, and the noise of running water inside walls.


However, since you’re not a professional, chances are, you’ll end up complicating the problem, in which case, it becomes exactly what you were trying to avoid. So, what is the best solution? Over time, trenchless water line replacement has proven to be not just effective, but also a cost-effective and reliable method for installing, replacing, and repairing water lines in both residential and commercial buildings


Trenchless water line replacement, unlike the traditional pipe repair method, does not involve digging up your property. It is fast and eco-friendly, and you worry about other repairs on your property after the entire procedure. 


Traditional vs. Trenchless

Traditional water line pipe repair has a hefty price tag and has quick expiration dates, while trenchless water line repair costs less and is longer lasting. Also, the process of installing new water line pipes is similar and less labor intensive, allowing you to save money. Whether you’re embarking on a sewer line replacement or water line replacement, repair, or installation, you can be sure that the fittings will last longer and will cost very minimal disruption in your yard. 


Another reason trenchless water replacement is preferred is that it takes much less time to complete. Typically, trenchless water line replacement only takes a couple of hours, whether you’re carrying out an installation or repair.


Trenchless plumbing, in general, is preceded by sewer line inspection (using a special camera). Your plumbing contractor uses the trenchless sewer line inspection to study the interior of your water pipe to understand where the water break is emanating from, as well as the extent of the damage.


What Causes Water Line Breaks? 

Water breaks are usually unpredictable and can result from several causes: 

Aging: The age, nature of the pipe, and condition of your water pipelines are some of the reasons it may succumb to water pressure and break. Sometimes, before this happens, you’ll see signs of water leaking out of certain places in the building. Also, some materials are weaker than others, and as the age of the pipes advances, they become even weaker. The inside of the water lines begins to deteriorate and erode over time. 

Soil Condition: The condition of the soils in your yard, where the pipes are buried is another factor that may contribute to the deterioration of the underground water pipes. 

Temperature:    The temperature of the ground and the water flowing through the pipes can also impact your water supply line. When hot water goes through the pipes during the winter, it usually leads to condensation, which may weaken the integrity of the pipes over time.

Pressure Changes: Pressure changes are another factor that you cannot control, which also hurt the health of your water supply lines.

Now that you know the likely causes of water breaks in your facility, you might want to look out for them, especially during routine maintenance. 

Signs of a Water Line Problem?

  • Common signs of water line issues in most homes include: 
  • The consistent water meter movement
  • Water protruding from slab or ground
  • Foundation movement
  • High water bills, resulting from uncontrolled water waste
  • A hot spot on the flooring of your house
  • Strange noise of running water in your walls or fixtures 

Benefits of Trenchless Water Line Replacement

  1. Trenchless water line repair eliminates property image and the need for repairs after the process.
  2. The process uses a technology that makes it fast compared to traditional options.
  3. It is a relatively more affordable option. Trenchless water line replacement consumes less time, requires fewer materials, and takes less manpower to accomplish.
  4. Since there is no excavation, the entire process is environmentally friendly.
  5. People who use the trenchless pipe replacement method report cleaner and safer water. This eliminates the need for lead pipes, which are detrimental to individuals. Lead is known for causing kidney damage, anemia, and fatigue.
  6. With the trenchless water line replacement method, plumbers are better able to reach areas considered inaccessible.

Getting Help With Trenchless Water Line Replacement

Considering the highly technical nature of the trenchless water line replacement technique, you want to make sure that the process is handled by certified experts. Ensure you engage only qualified and experienced sewer and drain specialists, who can show you their portfolios.

Here at N.W. Sewer & Drain, we have a team of trained and ready professionals that are more than happy to help you implement trenchless water line replacement in your home. Call us today at 206-931-7728.

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