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Over 15 Years of Experience

Licensed, Insured, Bonded

Locally Owned & Operated

Over the past several decades, sewer and drain repair and replacement services have significantly evolved. While excavation services are still necessary in various pipe situations, trenchless technologies have allowed pipe professionals to provide residential and commercial customers with practical pipes services. At N.W. Sewer & Drain, our team offers trenchless pipe repair services to all of our customers in the greater Seattle area. All of our pipe repair services are affordable, long-lasting, and environmentally-friendly.

Signs Your Seattle, WA Pipes Need Repair

Our team at N.W. Sewer & Drain understands that it can be difficult to determine when your residential or commercial pipes need repair. Most pipes issues occur within the walls of your home or business or under your foundation where they are not visible. Fortunately, there are certain signs you can look for to determine if your pipes need professional services. If you are experiencing low water pressure, leaking faucets, loud noises coming from your pipes, unusual odors on the interior or exterior of your property, consistently clogged fixtures, interior or exterior flooding, and lack of hot water, your pipes most likely need repair services

The Pre-Lining Process

Trenchless services are innovative and noninvasive because they do not require dig-and-replace methods of pipe repair. Instead, they repair your pipes through a single access point keeping your property intact and cutting repair time in half. The trenchless pipe repair process begins with a sewer camera inspection that allows us to establish the cleanout hole or access point that will be used throughout the entire repair process as well as quickly look into your pipes via a high-definition camera to determine the exact location of your pipe the needs repair.

When the inspection is complete, we will then clean your pipes to ensure the repair process is conducted in the most effective way possible. We will clean your pipeline with hydro jetting technology that uses a hose with a multi-directional nozzle to spray high-pressure water into your pipe. Hydro jetting is powerful enough to remove the most difficult clogs such as tree roots. Once complete, your pipe’s interior will be ready for the trenchless pipe repair process.

Trenchless Pipe Lining Services in Greater Seattle Area

Trenchless pipe lining is a leading industry pipe repair service that allows our team to create a brand-new pipe inside of your existing one. The process involves a felt liner being coated with an epoxy resin. When the liner is properly coated, it is then inserted into your damaged pipe and pushed through the pipe, coating the interior walls. Our team will leave the liner in place for several hours or 60 minutes if heat is used. After the epoxy has hardened, we will remove the liner and inspect your pipes one more time to ensure the liner is properly in place.

Let N.W. Sewer & Drain Repair Your Pipes Today

The trenchless pipe lining process is seamless and allows your pipes to be repaired and ready for immediate use. If your Seattle property is in need of pipe repair, contact our team of expert industry professionals to guarantee the job is done right. We strive to keep your residential or commercial pipes functioning properly all year long.

Trenchless Pipe Repair: Everything You Need to Know

Sometimes, damages to sewer pipes can be a headache. Challenging situations like slow leaking/broken pipes and sewer backup often require intensive work and can be exhaustive, especially when traditional pipe repair methods are used.


If you’re looking for a less disruptive, more affordable, and less time-consuming method of sewer repair, you probably should speak with your sewer and drain specialist about  trenchless pipe repair options. Trenchless pipe repairs are less intrusive and offer a quicker turnaround than traditional sewer repairs.


Table of Content

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a modern and very effective technique used to clear slow-moving drains and clogged sewage lines.  Many sewer and drain specialists turn to hydro jetting mainly because it is highly effective in clearing sewage blockages. It is highly effective for both commercial and residential buildings. Hydro jetting uses a high-pressure, powerful diesel engine that shoots a stream of water at very high pressure (usually up to 4000 psi) to remove hard and stubborn blockages.


Essentially, the stream of high-pressure water is the significant difference between hydro jetting and other sewage clearing techniques. To make the process even more effective, our sewer and drain specialists at NW Sewer & Drain will typically use a specialized sewer inspection camera that is pushed down the pipe to provide a view of the inside of your sewer line.  This allows our technicians to see inside your pipes and identify problematic areas and effectively target areas that need to be hydro-jetted.  For example, we can use the camera to position the hydro jetter tip directly at the areas that have roots or other problems.  The camera allows our technicians to place the tip of the high pressure stream of water directly at the areas of the pipe that need to be hydro-jetted.  

Who Needs Hydro Jetting?

If you have a seriously problematic sewer system where clogs keep recurring, you should consult with a sewer and drain specialist who would evaluate and determine if hydro jetting is the right option. Stubborn clogs and blockages that refuse to flow down with standards like snaking or preventative maintenance are perfect situations where a hydro jetting service is needed. 

 Hydro Jetting pipes

However, hydro jetting works well for just about any kind or degree of a sewer blockage, whether it is a serious accumulation (heavy grease and sludge buildup), massive root intrusion, silt, or dirt. Also, hydro jetting is ideal for both residential and commercial properties. Having an experienced sewer and drain specialist handle the task will get the obstructions out and get your drains flowing again.


Note, knowing the condition of your sewer line is going to be the best proactive approach to preventing emergency backups. However, if you find yourself with a backed up sewer line, you will need to contact a sewer and drain specialist right away.  At NW Sewer & Drain we start by assessing the situation over the phone and will provide you with the best options to help your sewer line flowing again.


Signs You Need Hydro Jetting

Here are some more indicators or signs that you may need hydro jetting to clear up clogs and free up flow in your sewer line:


  • Your drains are slow draining, not draining or overflowing.
  • When your home’s piping system starts making gurgling sounds.
  • If your home drainage pipes are old; they are much more likely to become clogged.
  • When scopes/camera inspection indicates problems inside your sewer line.  For example, root intrusion, grease, rocks, sand and soft blockage.
  • You may notice the water level in your toilet rising or falling for inexplicable reasons.
  • When water flowing through one drain causes gurgling in another household drain.

What is Trenchless Pipe Repair?

As the name suggests, trenchless sewer or pipe repair does not involve the digging or excavating trenches. Unlike traditional sewer pipe repair methods, trenchless pipe repair is a method of repairing damaged sewer pipes without trenching. Trenchless pipe repair saves you from the trouble of destructive digging, trenchless repair options can save your driveway and landscaping from destruction.

For pipe damages that traditionally required digging a trench to fix, the trenchless pipe repair method structurally restores such pipes internally with less digging. It is often the preferred method for repairing broken, old, and deteriorating pipes.


This is because the repair is less intrusive, destructive, and quicker than other conventional methods used today. With trenchless pipe repair, you do not need to worry about restoring impacted areas.


This is the main difference between trenchless and conventional pipe repair methods. However, they are more expensive, disruptive, and it is often followed up by extensive repairs (once the plumbing work is done) due to the trenching involved. 



How Does Trenchless Pipe Repair Work?

pipe repair

The work involved in trenchless pipe repair basically focuses on inserting a new pipeline right inside the old or broken pipe. If the old sewer pipe is still substantially intact, then trenchless pipe repair could be effective.


The process begins with an initial inspection of the existing pipes. A live camera is inserted into your sewer line to study the extent of the damage and where the leaking is happening. If there are any blockages or clogs in the sewer line, the sewer and drain specialist will engage either snaking or hydro-jetting to clean out the debris. After this, a new high-tech, epoxy-saturated tube (also known as liner) is installed directly into your existing drain pipes. These epoxy tubes are flexible and can travel around most plumbing lines. 


After a short while, it will stretch to the walls of the existing drain pipe, then harden to form a new structural line right inside it. In essence, the process involves the creation of new pipes within the old pipe. The new pipe is 100% sealed and without any of the issues existing in the old pipe.


This new structural surface can last for up to 50 years due to the epoxy material used in making the tube. Besides, it is smoother than the structure used in many modern pipes and is resistant to damage. The process is quick and less expensive compared to trenching, removing, and replacing old pipes and then closing up the ground after. 


Whether the old pipes contain holes, root intrusions, cracks, are deteriorating, or scaling, this method of pipe repair is very effective. Property managers and homeowners who are concerned about disrupting normal living routines or affecting the structure of their property readily opt for this method. 


After the installation, specialized robotic equipment is passed through the pipes to reopen sealed branches in the pipes. Added to the setup is a live camera that allows the drain specialist to do a second inspection of the installation, viewing the tubes to ensure that the entire drainage system is restored and functioning optimally.

Types of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Here are different techniques of trenchless pipe repair used for commercial and residential sewer pipe repairs:


Pipe bursting

pipe bursting

Trenchless pipe bursting is to hydraulically pull a new line right through the existing old line. It is called bursting because the cone-shaped head is larger than your existing line and the hydraulic force bursts your old line to make room for the new line.


Trenchless pipe bursting requires excavation at both ends of the pipe to be updated. Crews excavate, shore, and expose each end of the pipe that will be updated. A very strong braided steel cable is fed through the line that will be updated. A hardened steel cone-shaped pulling head is attached to the new sewer line. 


The new pipe is a flexible HDPE pipe. The crew will attach the cone-shaped head and new pipe to the cable. The hydraulic pipe-bursting machine is placed in the opposite excavation. The hydraulic cable is pulled with approximately 60,000 pounds of pulling force. The result is that the pipe bursting head expands and bursts your old pipe, making way for the new line.


Cured-in-Place (CIPP) Pipe Relining

Cured-in-Place pipe-lining, also known as advanced slip lining, involves a flexible liner that is saturated with specialized resin. The liner is placed inside the old pipe that will be lined. A specialized balloon is placed inside the liner to hold the epoxy-saturated liner against the inside of the old line. Once the resin has hardened, the balloon is removed, leaving the liner cured in place inside the old pipe.

Cure-in-place pipe lining is widely used in many countries. Many municipalities use CIPP lining to update their mains. Most major manufacturers have completed proper testing to meet required specifications. Manufacturers often have warrantees comparable to new pipe.


Spot repair

This method of trenchless pipe replacement may eliminate the need for pipe replacement. It focuses on a localized part of the pipe that is damaged, and restores it.

There are many different types of trenchless pipe repair techniques that can be performed, but spot repair seems to be one of the most popular. Spot repair focuses on a localized part of the pipe which is damaged and restores its function with much less risk of damaging your driveway or yard.. This method of trenchless may eliminate the need for pipe replacement, but it’s imperative to have a licensed professional perform the job.


Who Needs Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless pipe repair is most applicable for situations where there’s a leakage, drain line blockage, or any form of damage to your drainage pipes. If you suspect that your sewer pipes are damaged, you need to speak with a sewer and drain specialist so you can address the situation immediately and prevent further damage to your property’s sewer system.


Trenchless sewer repair is the way to go when you need to update your old failing sewer lines without having to open a large trench.


Conventional open trenching is destructive, difficult and can be risky. This method involves digging all the way down to the line needing replacement. Often, driveways, landscaping and even structures can be damaged during this process. It’s not only expensive and time-consuming – it’s also a hassle for homeowners who have to live with the mess of exposed lines for weeks or months as this type


Trenchless pipe repair is, in fact, the most preferred choice when traditional pipe repair methods are not suitable options. Luckily, there are a few telltale signs that you need a trenchless pipe repair in your property’s sewer system. 


Signs You Need a Trenchless Pipe Repair


It is advisable to call a sewer and drain specialist right away if you notice any of the following signs:

  1. Clogged/slow-moving drains

When you’re experiencing a major sewer line blockage, it can be an indication that you need to carry out a trenchless pipe repair. Most times, a blockage pipe may not require such a procedure, but when many pipes in the property are blocked at the same time, most likely, it is as a result of a main sewer line clog.

  1. Water or moisture in the basement

Whenever there is a sewer blockage, broken pipe, or clog in drain pipes, basements are often one of the first places where you’ll see the signs. In such a case, you’ll notice water droplets around the drains in the basement, especially when you haven’t been using them. 

  1. Slow-moving drains and gurgling sound

While a slow-moving drain could indicate a blocked pipe, it can also mean that you have a main sewer line clog. When you flush or wash in the sink, and you hear gurgling or funny sounds in the pipes, it can be an indication of a blockage in the pipes. Sometimes, you may observe strange behavior in the sewer pipes, like water flushed from one pipe coming out of another. 


When you notice these signs, it is advisable to take action immediately.


  1. Bad odor emanating

Bad smells coming from the drain can be an indication of a broken or damaged sewer line. If this foul smell is coming from many drains in the building, it could mean your sewer line is blocked. As a result, smelly sewer gas is forced out from the pipes into your home and environment. A situation like one requires immediate intervention, so you should call a drain specialist as quickly as possible. 

  1. Mold growth

Another strong indication that you need to get your sewer line checked is when you notice mold growth in your home. Molds naturally love a moist environment. When the humidity in a place goes above 60%, chances are, you’ll begin to see mold growth, and that’s a sign that water could be leaking from your drain pipes. This means that a pipe is broken somewhere and needs to be repaired. The recommended humidity within living areas is 30-50%, beyond which molds can thrive.

  1. Green patches of grass in your yard

Even if you keep a lawn, it would be easy for you to spot free-growing, luscious patches of green grass in your compound. These kinds of grasses are often fast-growing and untended. That could be a sign that your drain pipes are leaking. Note that sewage leaks in the sewer line can act as a nutrient-rich fertilizer, promoting the growth of grasses in your yard. So when carrying out routine sewer line maintenance in your home, you want to watch out for this particular sign.

Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Repair


In addition to the benefits we have already highlighted above, here are additional benefits of  trenchless pipe repair: 

Consumes less time

Trenchless pipe repair consumes less time. Instead of spending so much time digging trenches and then later covering them up, your trenchless pipe repair specialist can typically complete the entire repairs within a few hours. Conventional methods could take several days to complete. 

Less expensive

You can already tell a process that does not take so much time, and processes will help you save cost. So if you’re looking for a cost-savings option to clear the severe sewer line clogs in your home or business facility, you might want to try trenchless pipe repair. 


Compared to traditional sewer line and drainage pipe repairs methods that mess up your yard, you can preserve your lawn and landscape by going for trenchless repair. Since there is no digging, you can easily preserve the integrity of your walls, flooring, and foundation.

It is convenient

Traditional methods that involve digging would almost all the time shut off your water supply, deny you access to all toilets, and you might even have to move out to a neighbor’s, friend’s, or even a hotel until the repair is completed. In this case, no one needs to remove old sewer pipes. This also saves you from excavating hazardous waste from within the sewer line in the property, and you typically can stay in your property with access to at least one toilet throughout the repair process.


Compared to regular PVC pipes, the epoxy-saturated tube lining materials and cured-in-place liners can last 50 years after installation. So you are essentially getting more value for less money. Without a doubt, trenchless sewer pipe repair satisfies all known standard plumbing requirements. 


Trenchless pipe repair is gentle on the environment, as it removes every risk of emptying hazardous waste materials into the environment. By using a streamlined, risk-free approach, sewer and drain specialists can carry out safe and quick sewer pipe repairs, making it an eco-friendly procedure.

Better function

By improving the flow capacity and durability of your sewer pipes, trenchless pipe repairs generally improve the function of your sewer lines. In a way, homeowners do not need to worry about fixing a damaged sewer pipe soon.

Risks of Trenchless Pipe Repair

 Trenchless pipe repair is really good, but it is not without its shortcomings. As good as it is, it is still not a miracle sewer pipe repair solution. Here are some risks associated with using trenchless pipe repair:


It requires high-level expertise and special equipment: Trenchless sewer pipe repair is not a DIY process. Also, it would be best if you had the assistance of high-skilled professionals to do a fine job in cleaning out blockages and repairing damaged sewer pipes. Be sure to consult with a sewer and drain company that understands how to carry out an effective and safe trenchless pipe repair. 


Additional cost: Because of the processes involved, you could incur extra costs that you never bargained for. While the process is pretty straightforward, the technician might run into complications. Usually, this will depend on the extent of damages to your sewer line. 


For instance, if the sewer line has root intrusions or some other kind of stubborn sewer clog, they’ll likely need to first clear that using a mechanical sewer cleaning method or hydro-jetting to free up the drain pipes. This might mean more expenses for you. Besides, more than one thing can go wrong with cure-in-place pipe lining and pipe bursting processes, so be sure to have the sewer and drain specialists conduct a thorough inspection before any repairs. 


Unforeseen challenges: A thorough inspection will often reveal all the issues in your home or business facility sewer line. For example,  offset joints or a pipe blocked by broken concrete will not let through the bursting head during pipe bursting. There might also be other obstructions that could hamper the process. 


Violation of building codes: Not all municipalities or counties allow pipe lining and pipe bursting, even though they require less excavation. In many cases, you still need a construction permit, and you must operate by the applicable building codes if you must use trenchless pipe repair. This means that it would be best to do proper research to understand the local requirements and restrictions surrounding sewer line repairs.

Risks of Delaying

You might think that the damage is not much or postpone the repairs to a better, more convenient time. Unfortunately, the risk of delaying pipe repairs can be enormous. The damage can grow into something more expensive to repair. 


  1. The issue could worsen: Usually, when you understand that you need to implement a sewer line repair, it is best to take action immediately. Like we mentioned earlier, the signs of sewer pipe damage are often indicative of severe clog or obstruction to the flow of sewage and waste through the sewer system. To avoid messy repairs, later on, you need to call your local sewer and drain specialist to fix the problem. 


  1. Health issues could arise: Also, keep in mind that you might expose members of your home or entire staff at work to the risk of falling ill. Remember that underground sewer lines are a reservoir of terrible wastes and poisonous sewage gases with terrible odors. With these come the chances of catching a disease, hence the need to avoid delays as much as possible. 


  1. Increased repair cost: Another risk of delaying sewer pipe repairs is that you could end up with more expensive repairs than earlier if you had fixed the issue earlier. Whether the fault is due to the accumulation of debris in the drain lines, tree root intrusion, aging pipes, or seismic activity, delaying repairs to fix leaky pipes can result in more expenses in the long run. 


  1. High water bills: Aside from severe property damage, high cost of repairs, and possible health complications, delaying can also result in increased water bills. Broken drain pipes or loose joints in your plumbing system can lead to excessive water waste, which often results in high water bills. 

The Cost of Trenchless Pipe Repair

NW Sewer crew


Trenchless pipe repair is suitable for fixing broken or leaky pipes in sewer lines for any kind of property, including residential and commercial properties. The cost of trenchless pipe repair is often not cast in stone, as it depends on the extent of damage in the pipes, how many are bad, or basically, the amount of work required to fix the damage. 


In general, when compared to conventional sewer pipe repair methods, trenchless repair techniques like cure-in-place pipe lining and pipe bursting can help you save costs. To find out the exact cost of trenchless pipe repair for your home or office, be sure to call a specialist to examine your sewer line.


How to Hire the Right Company


If you’re considering hiring a trenchless pipe repair specialist to fix broken or leaky drain pipes in your home or office, you should take out some time to search for a reliable company. Considering the high level of expertise required to carry out trenchless pipe repair, it is advisable to go for an experienced sewer and drain company. 


If you are new in the area, you may not understand the building codes or know if you need a permit to use trenchless pipe repair, working with an experienced company can save you that trouble. Besides, some municipalities require plumbing companies or trenchless pipe repair contractors to carry a license. So, find out whether or not the company you’re hiring is licensed. Also, check to see if the company has executed similar projects in the past.


When it comes to cost, different companies most likely will charge you differently. Consider getting quotations from different companies so that you can stay within your budget.


Residential and Commercial Trenchless Pipe Repair From NW Sewer

Whether you’re looking to repair the sewer pipes in your residential property or office building, you can rely on our experience and expertise at N.W. Sewer & Drain. Our trenchless pipe repair procedure at at N.W. Sewer & Drain often includes the use of hydro-jetting (during trenchless pipe repairs), a powerful sewer drain cleaning solution, to clear out existing clogs before repairing the pipes. N.W. Sewer & Drain will usually carry out an initial inspection of your sewer line using a specialized live camera. 


N.W. Sewer & Drain is committed to helping you effectively address any kind of drainage issues and free clogged pipes in their homes and facilities. We primarily service residential and commercial properties in Seattle, including Everett, Marysville, Arlington, Oak Harbor, Burlinton, Bellingham, Bellevue, Kirkland, Shoreline, Renton, Lake Forest Park, Mountlake Terrace, Auburn, etc. For about 20 years, we have maintained top-notch drain cleaning services.


For highly effective, affordable, timely, and non-invasive sewer pipe repair, be sure to contact us today at 206-931-7728 to schedule an inspection of your sewer line and pipes.


At NW Sewer & Drain, we are committed to helping all our clients with their sewer related needs.  We primarily service residential and commercial properties in the Greater Seattle area as well as western Washington outlying cities such as; Bellevue, Kirkland, Shoreline, Renton, Lake Forest Park, Bremerton, Mountlake Terrace, Auburn, Mount Vernon, Oak Harbor, Marysville, Everett, Kenmore, Lynnwood, Bellingham, Anacortes, Edmonds, Arlington and Bothell.  For nearly  20 years, we have maintained top-notch drain cleaning services.


Our hydro jetting solution is highly effective in clearing sewer and drain lines of all kinds of debris and clogs. We are not only reliable but also affordable. Are you looking for an affordable and reliable hydro jetting service? Contact us today at 206-931-7728 to schedule an inspection of your sewer lines.


Our team of experienced professionals can provide you with a variety of pipe inspection, cleaning, repair, and replacement services that can maintain, rehabilitate, and restore your pipes to their proper function.

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