While hydro-jetting remains the best drain cleaning technique for residential and commercial facilities, it must be used only in suitable situations. An experienced sewer and drain specialist will tell you that hydro-jetting is not recommended in all situations, especially if your drain pipes are old.


Before the implementation of the hydro-jetting procedure, the drain specialist usually performs a sewer camera inspection to see the inside of your drain pipes and assess the extent of the damage in the pipes. He then uses this information to determine whether your pipe is fit for hydro-jetting or not.


Why is a Sewer Camera Inspection Necessary?


Sewer inspection is a critical aspect of every sewer line repair, replacement, installing, and even cleaning process. It gives your sewer and drain contractor a good idea of what is happening inside your sewer line and allows them to identify damages and weak pipes. 


In the case of hydro-jetting, if the drain pipe is old and weak, introducing pressurized water into the pipe may cause serious damage to the pipe. With the help of a sewer line camera inspection, the contractor will be able to assess the risk involved properly. 


If the pipe is deemed unsuitable for hydro-jetting, your sewer and drain specialist will recommend a suitable cleaning alternative for your pipe. Otherwise, hydro-jetting might cause you to incur more serious expenses that you’re probably not prepared for. 


What are The Benefits of Using Hydro-Jetting to Cleaning Sewer Lines?


Less intrusive: Hydro-jetting is generally considered to be the safest and most effective pipe cleaning method used for residential and commercial properties. Unlike snaking and chemical cleaning methods, hydro-jetting — when executed correctly — causes no damage to your sewer pipes.


It is Eco-friendly: Hydro-jetting uses only water. Even though the water is injected at very high pressure into the sewer pipes, it hardly causes any damage to the environment, hence, it is a highly recommended drain cleaning method. 


It is affordable: The cost of carrying out a hydro-jetting procedure is pretty pocket-friendly for most homeowners. Typically, the cost of hydro-jetting varies from one project to another. This is because the size, complexity, and amount of time the contractor needs to execute the project varies as well. 


It is highly effective: Hydro-jetting leaves no residues behind. It is very effective. This is the major reason why its use is widespread and continues to gain more acceptance by homeowners and property developers. The water jets are capable of penetrating deeper into built-up debris, flushing out roots, minerals, rocks, and any other obstruction clogging the flow of wastewater. 


Hydro-jetting is usually the preferred cleaning technique for stubborn clogs and debris, such as tree roots and other difficult-to-remove blockages. 


Longer lasting sewer line: Considering the powerful effect of hydro-jetting in removing debris and unclogging blocked drainage systems, it helps to keep your sewer line clean for long periods, thereby helping to extend the lifespan of the pipes. The longer your sewer line can go before a routine cleaning, the less money you spend on unclogging them and the more durable the pipe itself will be. 


Why Hydro-Jetting is Not Safe for Cleaning Old Pipe


We often advise that homeowners and property managers get the help of expert sewer and drain consultants for their sewer repair and replacement projects. That way, you’ll be able to take confident actions in different situations.  


That said, we often get asked why old sewer drain pipes cannot handle hydro-jetting. The answer is pretty simple. Hyde-jetting relies on pressurized water traveling at a very fast speed to dislodge stubborn clogs and debris. 


When you expose weaknesses of your drain pipe (caused by aging, rusting, and other factors) to such high-pressure water, the likely effects are further weakening of the pipes; the pressurized water stream could put more stress on older pipes than they can withstand. Another effect is immediate damage to the drain pipes; in this case, water no longer flows through, and you’ll need an immediate pipe replacement to fix the issue and restore the normal flow of wastewater. 


You may not be prepared for these expenses. Your sewer and drain specialist will first conduct a sewer line inspection and advice on which remedy is best for cleaning out your sewer line. But if the pipes are really old and weak, we often recommend getting a sewer line replacement done immediately. 


Signs You Need Hydro-jetting


Before you call your local sewer and drain contractor to come to look at your home’s or office’s sewer system, there are obvious, tell-tale signs that tell you to act fast. Here are the most important ones you cannot miss:


  1. Slow-moving drains: When this happens, it could be a small issue or an indicator pointing you to a much bigger problem. A slow draining pipe may be a localized plumbing problem or suggest a bigger issue, which can only be seen and solved by a drain expert. 


Many homeowners use store-bought drain cleaners or a DIY process to restore normal flow in drain pipes. But if this is a persistent issue, be sure to consult an expert, who can perform a proper diagnostic analysis and advise you on what is causing your pipes to drain slowly and which remedial steps will do.


  1. Foul odor in your sink or toilet: Another sign that tells you that your drain pipes are due for cleaning is a persistent bad smell permeating your home. Each time you flush your toilet or drain your sink, you’ll feel this bad odor in the air. Check for moisture, dampness, and dried water spots under the bathroom, or kitchen sink for leaks that might be caused by excess pressure from a blockage. If you’re not sure of what to do, call your sewer and drain specialist. 


  1. Screeching, hissing, or gurgling sound: Your drains should not be producing any of these sounds. Oftentimes, negative pressure and clogs can create air pockets in your home’s or office’s sewer pipes, which produces the sound. This can be solved with a drain service like hydro-jetting or drain snaking.


  1. Increasing water bill: This is an obvious sign of increased water usage, which could be due to a leak. This is often not likely directly related to your drains, but it is definitely a sign that you have a major plumbing problem. 

Getting Quality Drain Cleaning Service From N.W Sewer & Drain


If you suspect that your sewer pipes are old and are wondering which drain cleaning technique is best for you, your best bet is to speak with an experienced local sewer and drain specialist. Here at N.W Sewer & Drain, we are ready and more than happy to help you quickly resolve all drain and sewer-related issues in your home. 


Feel free to reach out to us today. Our hydro-jetting service also includes drain sewer camera inspection. Call us at 206-931-7728 to schedule an inspection of your sewer line and pipes. 


N.W. Sewer & Drain serves the greater Seattle area, including surrounding communities like Everett, Marysville, Arlington, Oak Harbor, Burlington, Bellingham, Bellevue, Kirkland, Shoreline, and Renton, Lake Forest Park, Mountlake Terrace, and Auburn.


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