Slow or congested sewers and drains are a common problem for all homeowners. Over time, your pipeline may become clogged with trash, minerals, and grease. It’s not just human waste that can cause clogs in plumbing fixtures. As many causes as there are for a clogged pipe, there are an equal number of solutions.

On the other hand, hydro jetting has no equals among the pipe cleaning methods available. High-pressure water is used to dislodge and flush away greasy buildup and sludge in plumbing systems. A plumber will always start with a video inspection to figure out what’s going on and where the harm is. Here are seven reasons you should consider hydro jetting the next time your pipes get clogged.


Advantages of Hydro-jetting Clogged Pipes

1. It has a wide range of applications.

It’s a common misconception among homeowners that experts may only utilize hydro jetting on large commercial projects. However, it also serves a purpose in domestic plumbing repair. This strategy is helpful for plumbing jobs of any size. Grease and sludge buildup in a home’s pipes are just two examples of obstructions this tool can clear.

Can’t get water to run because of tree roots? Do you find it difficult to dispose of food scraps and other debris from the kitchen without a backup? Don’t stress so much. Hydro jetting is an effective method of repairing plumbing problems. In addition, this technique can be used without risk on any pipe material, including:

  • Cast Iron pipes
  • Cement sewer lines
  • Steel pipes
  • Resin pipes
  •  Clay pipelines

Mud, soap, and sand are just some things that can be found in the pipes. Without thorough cleaning, residue from these substances might build up and cause obstruction. Hydro jetting removes all obstructions and ensures the pipes remain clean for a very long period. Even the worst manufacturing blockage can be removed with a forceful discharge of highly pressurized water.

Because of how often you use it, bacteria can quickly multiply inside your plumbing system. This can cause unpleasant odors, health problems, and other problems. This is because hydro jetting eliminates these side effects. Use hydro jetting to solve your problems and leave your pipes in pristine condition.

2. It is a simple procedure

Plumbers often dig a trench to get to the pipes when fixing a clogged sewer line. This might be a hassle, as it requires additional effort and costs money. Hydro jetting, on the other hand, is a non-invasive method that can clear up your pipes without disturbing your landscaping. A cleanout provides convenient access to the pipes.

3. It’s eco-friendly

While hydro jetting requires a lot of water, it is less harmful to the environment than other methods. Since only pressured water would be used, this method is considered environmentally friendly. Hydro jetting can be used by anybody, including those who live near bodies of water like lakes and rivers, because it does not utilize harmful chemicals.

Hydro jetting uses a lot of water, which could be seen as wasteful in the eyes of some. This is not the case. This non-intrusive method is safer for the planet than the chemical processes typically utilized in alternative ways.

4. It is extremely efficient

While standard plumbing techniques can remove obstructions, some debris will inevitably be left behind. Traditional plumbing solutions leave a residue that can build up and lead to slower drainage or even another clog. In contrast, obstructions and debris are easily removed by hydro jetting.

Even the most stubborn blockages are no match for hydro jetting. The most challenging obstructions are quickly washed away, restoring free water flow. The extreme pressure is sufficient to eliminate even the tiniest speck of dirt.

Hydro jetting makes it possible to get to previously inaccessible areas. Most older houses have plumbing systems that are either complicated or easily damaged. Thanks to hydro jetting’s adaptability, even the most delicate pipes can be safely handled by your plumber.

5. It is more efficient and clean

Cleaning out a clogged drain is not a sterile task. The unpleasant task of removing garbage from your plumbing system falls squarely on the shoulders of your hired plumber. Sanitation remains vital, though.

When employing conventional plumbing techniques, there is a significant risk of sewage and debris entering the plumber’s working space, the house, and the surrounding environment.

Hydro jetting, on the other hand, is a quicker approach, so your plumbing will spend fewer hours cleaning the pipes and will have less contact with sewage overall. This reduces the likelihood that the toxins may disperse throughout the house.

6. It keeps the drains from getting clogged up again.

Hydro jetting is an essential first step in any pipe lining or section point repair project. When residuals cover the inside of your pipe, you can’t apply a lining. This demonstrates how effectively hydro jetting can clear out clogged drains.

While this is a crucial preliminary step in pipelining, its actual value lies in its application of preventative care. It is possible to avoid expensive pipe damage by using hydro jetting to eliminate clogs in their early stages.

Fail-safe plumbing systems can quickly become inoperable if even slight obstructions go unchecked. Hydro jetting can proactively address minor problems before they become major headaches. Especially when setting up shop in a new place, this can prove useful.

A plumber can identify any issues with your pipe through a video check. This will keep your drain free of obstructions in the future.

7. It is Cost-effective and Durable

When faced with a clogged pipe, most homeowners immediately reach for the liquid drain cleaners they have on hand. Regrettably, the effectiveness of this is temporary. Still, you’ll need to buy another cleaning product to keep your pipes from clogging.

Hydro jetting often has a higher initial investment cost than other cleaning types. On the other hand, it is an assured method of cleaning out your entire plumbing system rather than just a section. Since there is little chance of an imminent re-clog, you shouldn’t have to hire a plumber.

Hydro jetting is not only affordable but also provides long-lasting results. Due to the high pressure of the water running through your pipes, sediment and dirt are less likely to accumulate there. This will reduce the frequency you clean your pipes and prolong the time your plumbing system functions at peak efficiency.


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