The introduction of video camera sewer inspection is one of the most beneficial developments in plumbing technology. To provide you and your plumber with a real-time view of the condition of your lines, the inspection uses a high-tech camera mounted on a wire that can be fed down your drains and into your sewer system. 

With a Seattle sewer inspection, your plumber will be able to swiftly and precisely identify any problems with a sewer pipe, such as clogging, bellying, cracks, crushes, or total disconnections, so they can start working on the best solution.

Here are five reasons to think about a sewer camera examination right now, regardless of whether you’re suffering from challenging drainage problems or proactively seeking preventive maintenance for your plumbing system.

Advantages of Having a Sewer Camera Inspection

It is non-intrusive and cost-effective.

Previously, inspecting a sewer line required digging trenches and upsetting the landscape, which had to be later repaired. This excavation operation required a lot of labor and cost money. To discover issues, we may immediately feed video cameras into your sewer system. This lets us detect and halt damage more quickly, which saves you money. It also spares you the time, discomfort, and labor expenses of excavating and filling trenches.

You can Find a Variety of Sewer Line Problems.

As previously indicated, your plumber can find any potential problems, no matter how deep in your sewage line, by inspecting your drain and sewer lines with cutting-edge video technology. There are almost no issues that a video examination can’t identify, from damaged or collapsed pipes to terrible clogs producing back-ups and unpleasant odors.

It Helps to Find Root Infiltration

One of the most pernicious plumbing problems is root infiltration. A small leak that initially seems harmless could quickly become a significant issue. Your yard’s plants and bushes are naturally drawn to the dampness in your drain and sewer pipes, which serves as organic fertilizer. These roots can create serious leaks or clogs when they grow around or even into the line, interfering with the entire plumbing system.

Root infiltration can be challenging to avoid unless your yard’s trees are well-placed. It is also difficult to find. However, a video camera examination allows your plumber to determine whether you have a root intrusion problem as well as the precise location of the incursion.

Sewer Camera Inspections Monitor Your Pipes’ Condition

The walls of your sewer pipes will inevitably develop gunk and filth from debris such as trash, congealed cooking grease, soap scum, decomposing food particles, and more. A video inspection allows your plumber to monitor the state of your pipe walls and determine whether cleaning, repairing, or replacing your lines is necessary.

You Can Prevent Property Damage with a Video Sewer Inspection

Some sewage line problems are so severe that they could endanger your home and your health. You may face a major health risk that will be costly to remove if toxic sewage water backs up into your home or place of business or floods your landscaping.

Potential issues can be found via a video sewer check before they develop into significant wastewater leaks. Your plumber can review your choices with you if a weakness is found. Your situation might benefit from treatments like hydro jetting or trenchless sewer relining, depending on the nature of the issue.

You Can Locate Lost Items

A sewage line camera check lets you retrieve anything you may have lost, like earrings or a wedding band, that may have fallen down the drain. If necessary, a plumber can find your missing item if it is captured on video.

You Get a Correct Diagnosis.

Sewer line cameras enable more precise diagnosis in addition to recovering lost goods. The camera will give a more accurate and fast assessment than a traditional examination could, regardless of whether the pipe is obstructed or misplaced.

Fewer Permits Are Required

Plumbers can utilize a video camera that passes directly through your pipes rather than digging through your lawn and seeking permission. From there, they can identify the cause of any plumbing issues.

You Can Determine the Cause of the Obstruction.

The video camera can see any obstructions; therefore, it can also determine what is generating the block.

If a clog isn’t at the drain, it will likely be further in the system. Most of the time, a blockage in your pipes is caused by an accumulation of hair and other debris, but a tree root may be to blame in different circumstances.

Yes, you can snake out most obstructions, but sometimes it will be more difficult than that, mainly if a tree root is at the root of the issue. The pipe may break and burst as that root expands and compresses. The answer, in this case, is not a snake; it’s the removal and replacement of the pipe.

You Get Quick Repair

You can plan a fast repair for your pipes with an accurate diagnosis. This will protect your home’s foundation from damage and save your already hectic schedule in the future.

A sewage line camera check can assist you in preventing plumbing problems in your home by catching them early before they become too expensive. Taking care of the plumbing before the issues arise can also help preserve it.

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